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 General principles. The mission of Revista Arhivei Maramureşene (Maramures Archive’s Review is to publish new scientific contributions, so manuscripts submitted to the review should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time. The author is fully responsible for the content of the article Authors are asked to submit the entire paper which is expected to be grammatically correct and without spelling or typing errors. Texts which will not comply with the guidelines will be returned;

Copyrights. When published, the author keeps moral copyrights of the article, however, material copyrights are of the publisher of the review, Archivists Association “David Prodan” Maramureş and Maramures Archive;

Article submission. Articles must be submitted in electronic form via e-mail to the editorial board arhivistimm[at],[at] and printed, with permissions for publishing, signed by all authors, to the editorial board address: Arhivele Naţionale Maramureş, B-dul Bucuresti, nr. 26, Baia Mare, Maramureş, România. Permissions can also be sent via fax +0262224099 or scanned to e-mail: arhivistimm[at],[at];

Reviewing policy. If the article does not correspond to the review standards, the editorial board returns it to the author for completion. If the article is not classified as scientific or professional, the editorial board decides on its publishing. If the article is classified as scientific or professional and corresponds to editorial guidelines, it is sent out for the blind peer review. Reviewers are chosen by the editorial board. The reviewers consider the following: content, methodology, paper structure, scientific equipment. The reviewer decides whether the article: a) will be published as submitted, b) needs minor corrections and will be accepted at the editorial board’s discretion, c) major revision of the article and peed re-review is required, d) is not suitable for publication. The anonymity of authors during the review procedure is guaranteed. Articles are published only if they receive a positive review.

Final text and publishing preparation. Final text must be sent to the editorial board via e-mail in Word format and printed to the address Arhivele Naţionale Maramureş, B-dul Bucuresti, nr. 26, Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania. The editorial board prepares the text for printing. All texts are proof-read. The editorial board has the right to change the form of the paper, however, bigger changes are discussed with the author.

Deadlines. The journal is published annually (November). The final papers will be received until the beginning of September.


Types of articles. The review publishes scientific, professional and other articles and contributions, about Maramureş;

Language. Published articles are in Romanian as a rule, however other languages are accepted with the decision of the editorial board. All articles must have an abstract in an international language;

Layout and length. Authors use Times New Roman font, 12p. The text should not be shorter that 5 pages and not exceed 20 typewritten pages (including tables, pictures and the list of cited sources and literature;

Structure. The following information is required on the title page: information about the author, title and subtitle of the article, and key words. This is followed by title and subtitle translation, abstract and key words in an international language;

Title and subtitle. The title should be concise and informative. It should specify the content of the article. Authors can also use a subtitle, which has to be separated from the title with a punctuation mark;

Author. The name of the author should be stated after the title in full form (name and surname). Any academic or professional titles, institutional affiliation, address and e-mail address should also be stated. The author should also provide a short biography (up to 5 lines) and a photo;

Abstract. Abstracts are obligatory for all articles. A structured abstract with 120 words at most is formed by the author. The abstract consists of the purpose, methodology/approach, results analysis, research limitations etc.  It should be written in the third person. Translation to an international language should correspond to the original language. Summary will be in an international language. Because the review is present also internationally it also includes summaries of articles in an international language. The summary should be written on at least 1 page;

Key words. The author defines up to 5 key words.

Footnotes. Footnotes are placed at the bottom of the page and numbered with ordinal numbers from the beginning to the end of the article. Footnotes should provide additional text (author’s comments) and not bibliographic references – those can only be referred to;

Pictures and graphics. The article can also include pictures (photos, graphics, maps, sketches, diagrams etc.) and tables, which should be numbered (from beginning to end). Each picture should have a title. If needed, tables and pictures should be provided with adequate explanations and legends;

Literature list. Cited sources should be listed at the end of the text in a separate chapter „Sources and literature”. This chapter should consist only of sources which are referred to in the text.

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